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Booyah Veteran Bus Project Press Release

Trek To Raise Awareness For Homeless Veterans – PR

On October 22nd Three Marines Will Begin A 360+ Mile Trek To Raise Awareness For Homeless Veterans and Begin Phase 1 of The Booyah Veteran Bus Project

Early this year Shane Johnson, a Marine Veteran, heard a rumor of an 80 year old woman who put over 300,000 miles on her personal vehicle transporting homeless Veterans to the VA Hospital. Shane went on a mission to locate this angel and see if the rumors were true. Click here to watch the video and meet Ms. Ellen Gilbert.

When Shane learned of Ms. Gilbert, Shane was immediately inspired by the sacrifices made by this woman on behalf of Veterans. Ms. Gilbert motivated Shane to come up with a radical plan, The Booyah Veteran Bus Project. The plan is to put a transit bus in every major city which would provide showering facilities as well as transportation for homeless Veterans to their local VA hospital. But, Shane quickly realized the problem was much larger than transportation. The problem starts with awareness, but the ultimate plan should be stopping the Veteran from becoming homeless in the first place.

To address the awareness issue, on October 22, 2016, Shane Johnson, Richard McCuen and Shawn Moore, will begin a 360+ mile trek from the Veterans hospital in Lake Nona, FL to Panama City, FL. This will be the implementation of a three phase plan to stop Veteran homelessness.

Phase Two will be delivering the first of many Booyah Veteran buses. The first bus is scheduled for delivery Feb 25, 2017 at the Kissimmee Center in Orlando Florida.

Phase Three will be to create a transitional community where Veterans will go for training and introduction back into the civilian world.

The Project’s motto “Giving a Hand Up not a Hand Out” is the core belief. Getting the buses and transporting homeless Vets is just a band aid for a much larger problem. But, it is a problem that can be solved. The Booyah Veteran Bus Project helps those in need now; the transitional community will be the cure. The goal with the community is to meet the needs of Veterans as they transition from a military lifestyle to a civilian one.

The three Marines’ friendship developed from boot camp, continued through school of infantry and into the fleet. Although it has been 17 years since these marines have seen one another, there is no better way to reunite than to come together to raise awareness of Veteran homelessness and supporting their brothers in need. Everyone is encouraged to come out to meet these warriors who are fighting to change how Veterans are treated.

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