Booyah Veteran Bus Project

Shawn Moore

Mr. Moore’s background encompasses leadership success across multi-functional areas of expertise. This experience includes personnel security in hostile environments where he was often entrusted to operate independently. He offers a successful track record of adapting and delivering results quickly in new environments. He possesses a solid work ethic in pursuit of excellence. His duties have included physical protection of embedded training teams for both the Afghan Border Police mentors and Afghan National Army mentors operating often in remote hostile areas outside of normal channels of support. He served as convoy commander on several real world recovery missions in the south eastern border regions of Afghanistan. He has served in all positions within the convoys’ scope of duties.

Mr. Moore’s years of experience in combat arms’ Marine Infantry, Marine Recon, and SecFor duties to protect American Advisors abroad gives him a strong tactical background making him very suited for the role of Protective Security Specialist in hostile environments.